He’s got qualities that Attleboro needs

I am writing in support of Richard Conti for city counselor at large. Rick brings a wealth of experience in city government and local civic organizations, but I have always been most impressed with his true passion for serving this community.

More importantly, Rick delivers results. Recently my husband and I were fortunate to work with Rick and the Attleboro Rotary Club on the Club’s yearly charity auction. Rick played a major role in leading the effort to transform the auction by creating an online bidding format. The auction was hugely successful and the beautiful new playground at Nickerson Field is a direct outcome of this project. This is just one example of the many ways I have seen Rick make valuable contributions to improve our community.

I am confident that Rick’s unique combination of experience, leadership, creativity and dedication to this City will serve us well. Please join me in voting for Rick Conti on November 3rd.

Leda Notchey, Attleboro

When Attleboro citizens talk he’ll be sure to listen closely

A vote for Richard Conti will give you and me, citizens of the City of Attleboro, a man who will listen. I like people who will listen.

As proof that he will listen, Richard Conti has established a web page, We can make our thoughts known to him on this page; in turn he can respond. That’s a step in the right direction!

Experience is the basis for judgment and Richard Conti has a variety of experiences in his service to Attleboro. He has served on the Master Plan Committee, Zoning Board of Appeals, Open Space and Recreation Committee, WE-CARE Downtown Development Committee, Chairman, Fireworks Committee, Willett School Improvement Committee, and Attleboro Habitat for Humanity. He has served the Literacy Center, was president of the Rotary Club and founded the Attleboro Arts Museum Annual Auction.

It seems we have one chance to vote for the best person we have had to run for office in years. Richard Conti is prepared to listen, has the judgment to act and the experience to be our next city councilor.

Come out and vote for Conti on Nov 3.

Brad Pitman, Attleboro

Listener, team player right for city council

Richard J. Conti is the selfless, hardworking person we need in city government. I have known Rick personally for 20 years. He is a productive, kind man with a long history of helping others without expecting anything in return.

Rick is an excellent listener and team player. He is strong and innovative and will make decisions to solve difficult problems to better our community. I have seen him roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty to get things done.

Rick is truly one of a kind. Let’s not miss this opportunity to tap into this valuable resource. Join me in voting for Rick for Attleboro city councilor at large.

Sharon Tenglin, Attleboro

Candidate has proved his commitment to city

Please join me in voting Tuesday for Richard J. Conti for councilor at large.

Rick is a small business owner, college graduate and long time community activist, having led Attleboro non-profit, volunteer organizations and city committees for more than 26 years. Rick has a passion for serving this community.

Rick has served on: City of Attleboro Zoning Board, Open Space & Recreation Plan Committee, WE-CARE Downtown Development Committee, Fireworks Committee, Streetscape Committee, Millennium Committee, Tri-Centennial Committee, Master Plan Committee, Cultural Council, and Willett School Improvement Council. Rick has served the Attleboro Area Habitat for Humanity, the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, United Way & Knights of Columbus. Rick is past president of the Rotary Club, American Society of Appraisers Boston Chapter, Massachusetts Auctioneers Association, Attleboro Business Network International and New England Business Professional Association. Rick has volunteered for New Hope’s Gourmet Guys & Wine Tasting, the Literacy Center, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Christmas is for Kids. Many nonprofit organizations have profited by Rick’s talent as an auctioneer. With Rick’s talent these organizations have benefited in the range of one million dollars.

Many of you may have seen Rick as a lector at St. John the Evangelist Church or as an on- camera auctioneer for WSBE Rhode Island PBS television.

As part of a team, Rick was instrumental in forming the Interact Club at the Attleboro High School.

In all endeavors Rick has brought positive results. Thus, among your options for city councilor at large, I believe Rick will do more with your vote.

Rick’s commitment to service, proven results and his experience uniquely qualifies him to serve as your city councilor at large. Please vote Richard J. Conti councilor at large Tuesday.

Laurie Cook, Attleboro

His talents good fit for Attleboro council

I write to ask that others join me in voting for Richard Conti for an at large position on Attleboro Municipal Council. I have known Rick for about 15 years. During that period I have had the opportunity to witness only some of his many efforts on behalf of our community. Others know more of the time and effort he has donated every year to the many charity auctions in the area, usually as a volunteer auctioneer, but often as an organizer and manager, his years of service in various offices of the Rotary Club, including the presidency, at a local and district level, his service as a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals, and other efforts that have benefited many residents of Attleboro and
beyond. Though others have seen more, I have been greatly impressed by what I have witnessed.

Based upon my experience with him I can testify to the enthusiasm, vision and always positive leadership Rick has brought to other community-oriented tasks and want to see us all benefit from having these talents added to those of others who serve us on the municipal council. Please join me in voting for Rick as an at large city councilor.

Dan Blake, Attleboro

Cast your vote for community activist

I would like to endorse a good friend who is running for councilor at large, Richard Conti.

I have known Rick for over 20 years and I have found him to be a very intelligent, caring, community minded individual. He has been involved with many of the local service organizations and non-profits.

I have no doubt that Richard will serve the citizens of Attleboro and respect their interests with every vote he casts. Please join me in voting for Richard Conti, councilor at large Tuesday.

Ethel M. Sandbach, Attleboro