Praise from Attleboro city council may be delivered outside of meetings

If you live to be 100, or your business survives for 25 years or if your youth baseball team wins it all, you could soon be in line for a Certificate of Merit or some other similarly titled kudo from the city council – but you won’t have to go to city hall to collect it.

At the suggestion of Councilor Richard Conti, councilors are mulling a plan that would allow a maximum amount of back-patting, but take a minimum amount of time.

Certificates are already being passed out on behalf of the council by Council President Frank Cook, but Conti’s plan would formalize the process and potentially allow for more certificates to be issued at the request of individual councilors.

The best part for the council is that the “well dones” would be issued on councilors’ own time outside of City Hall, saving meeting time for more crucial matters.

Conti said there are many individual and group achievements that deserve recognition, but currently there’s no systematic or efficient way to deliver well-earned “pats on the back.”

At one time, councilors would routinely issue resolutions to recognize accomplishment during meetings, but the docket got so crammed they had to discontinue the practise.

Cook said the volume grew so large that it took up 30 or 40 minutes a meeting.

The council got complaints about the lengthy ceremonies and questions about their importance, he said.

“It generated a tremendous number of complaints,” Cook said. “And we got to the point where the significance of a resolution had been diluted.”

He said it’s important to reserve resolutions for issues on which the council wants to take a stand, like the plan to cap the Attleboro Landfill.


Sheila Oliver