Accomplishments on the City Council

In the past eight years you or someone like you asked me to do the following and I have :

  • Revitalized the Attleboro Farmers Market downtown
  • Introduced legislation to terminate city employees convicted of a felon
  • Pushed legislation to have the care of small cemeteries adopted by citizenry
  • Initiated the rezoning of the Industrial Business Park to attract buyers
  • Worked for a Veterans Memorial Pavilion at Lees Pond
  • Corrected an old law which gave the City Clerk a dollar for every dog license
  • Helped bring a town meeting to Ward 4 on the Attleboro Landfill plan to reopen
  • Filed 17 motions to adjust the FY2016 City Budget

Pre-election Accomplishments:

He has served Attleboro on the:

  • Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Open Space and Recreation Plan Committee
  • WE-CARE Downtown Committee
  • Fireworks Committee
  • Streetscape Committee
  • Tri-Centennial Committee
  • Master Plan Committee
  • Cultural Council
  • Open Space and Recreation Plan Committee
  • Mayor’s Finance Committee (as Capital Improvements Chair)