My goal as a City Councilor has always been to be a public servant and not a politician.

Rick 2016 portraitAs a civilian legislator, I have focused on the budget and the ordinances that govern Attleboro with the citizens having priority at all times. I have proven that I take the time to learn, monitor, and study the issues before the council and build relationships which help make me a functioning councilor. I have also demonstrated the courage to perform in this position.

This is a place for me to listen to you and in turn respond. It is a place for you to have more of a voice in city hall. The council will routinely discuss issues which will affect you and I have added a spot on my web site to hear your comments.I have developed a reputation for being inquisitive, enthusiastic and professional during council meetings which has resulted in bringing fresh air
and sunlight to the inner workings of the city.

Thank you,
Richard J. Conti